Dear member,

It's hard to believe we're at the end of 2020. How many times have you wanted to erase this year or fast forward to 2021? I am a “glass is half full” person, so I've taken some time to look at the blessings and positive aspects of this year.

2020 has been a year of working through challenges and navigating through uncharted territory. Perhaps the uncertainties of leading a team during a pandemic have forced you to be more creative, to adapt to a “new normal”, or to improve business practices. I often think, “would I have evolved as a leader if I had not gone through such a challenging, unpredictable time?”   

I hope and pray that we are turning a corner on this era of the Covid-19 pandemic. Like other significant times in history, perhaps we'll all recount stories of how our lives changed during a year of lock-downs, social unrest, and economic uncertainty. I challenge you to think of the positive aspects of the year and how they have shaped you personally and professionally. Look forward to 2021, but be thankful for what you have learned in 2020.

The end of 2020 is also the end of my term as President of WWLF. Thanks so much to our WWLF board, sponsors, members, and the Wireless Infrastructure Association for your support and dedication. It has been an honor to serve on the Executive Leadership Team over the last four years, and I am excited about the future of this amazing organization.  

Cheers to 2021 and beyond,

Carolyn Hardwick


Career Changes:
Are you on the right ladder?

An interview with career and mindset coach, Kelli Anderson, MEd

It’s natural to spend the end of the year looking back at what you’ve done. 

And to consider making changes in the year to come. This is especially true of this year when you may be wondering if your current job fits your life or your goals. 

But how do you know if you’re ready to make a move…and if it’s the right move?

“We can all relate to being dissatisfied in a role, so we change jobs. And then, two years later, we’re back in the same spot,” says Kelli Anderson, MEd, a career and mindset coach, and founder of Mindset Mamas. Anderson created her signature program From Stuck to Fulfilled: A Career Transformation to help driven women leave unsatisfying jobs and start fulfilling careers. She’s been featured on Fairygodboss, Sittercity, and the TODAY parents community. 

“We spend so much time at work. If we’re not happy with our jobs or careers, that can lead to an entire life of negativity,” explains Anderson. “And a lot of women—especially moms—are at a breaking point right now.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Anderson says it’s absolutely possible to find fulfilling work. 

Step 1: Discover your future

“Self-discovery can be scary for some people who don’t want to get inside their own heads. Other people might think it’s a little…out there,” explains Anderson. “But it’s just one step in the process. You need to do some real thinking before you can make a plan. 

“Unfortunately, most of us haven’t been taught how to do it. We just get on the ladder and we climb, climb, climb. We don’t always take a step back to see if we actually like where the ladder is.” 

Anderson says it’s common for us to stay in positions that we’re good at, even if we don’t really like the work. “Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it,” she says. “Or maybe you’d like doing it for another part of your industry…or somewhere else altogether.”

The self-discovery process is all about helping you figure out where you want to go and what you want to do. Here are a few easy ways to start: 

Create your vivid vision. Look ahead one year and ask yourself where you want to be in your life. Not just in your career, but what do you want your whole life to look like? Then imagine Future You writes a letter to Present You describing that life. Then write that letter. If a year seems too far off, start with one quarter from now. “This exercise helps you realize there are possibilities,” explains Anderson.

Design your day. This is similar to your vivid vision but is specific to your ideal day. Write it as if you were reflecting at the end of the day back on what you did. What does that day look like?

Journal. “Journaling can be really powerful,” says Anderson. “We have a free resource called 30 Journal Prompts to Help You Find Your Purpose that gives you a place to start.” 

Step 2: Question what you find

Once you’ve done one (or more) of these exercises, ask yourself what sticks out? What are the things you like doing and want to do more? 

What are the things not on your list? Those missing items are important, too. They clue you into what you’d like to be doing less. 

What kind of role will let you do the most of what you like and the least of what you don’t?

Step 3: State what you want

“We have all these thoughts swirling in our heads, but we don’t get them out,” explains Anderson. “But saying them out loud—even to ourselves—or writing them down is really powerful. It helps your mindset shift.” 

It’s a bit like deciding to buy a particular car and then seeing it seemingly everywhere. Our brains are wired to search for patterns and connections. Once you get it thinking in a certain way about what you want to do, it will start noticing opportunities you weren’t attuned to before. 

This is not to say your dream job is going to jump right out at you. “This isn’t magic,” Anderson explains. 

Step 4: Make your plan

You still need to create a plan to get where you want to go. “Maybe that plan includes extra training or education. Or working with a mentor or coach. People say things like ‘I could never do XYZ’ but usually they could…if they made a plan,” Anderson says. “It might take effort, but you can make a lot of things happen if you plan.” 

Step 5: Befriend your fear

Change is scary. And after this year, changes may raise even more fears. “One exercise that can help manage your fear is to come up with your worst case scenario,” Anderson explains. “Often it isn’t as bad as you think.”

Even if things go completely south, you and your family probably won’t end up homeless on the street. “Maybe you’ll need to take a part-time job. Or get some help from a family member. Or take out a loan. Things you might not want to do, but you could. Fear is never going to go away…but you’re smart. You’ll figure something out.”

Then you can set about making the change. You can find previous articles to help with your new search here in our archives:

And once you are in your new role? 

Succeeding in your new role

In any new position, especially a leadership position, Anderson says it’s important to be open and to remember leading comes from a place of service. 

“Ask how people prefer to be led and what they need from you. Making it more about them and less about you helps create buy in. This can be especially important if you’re leading a team who used to be your peers,” she says. “At the same time, it’s important to set boundaries and expectations early. 

“Ultimately leadership is about quality and character, not titles. You can’t demand respect just because you’re a manager—at least you can’t and be a good leader. Good leaders earn respect.”

Kelli offers a free career advice call. You can set one up here. Or follow her on LinkedIn.  

Interview and article by Kristen Stelzer. Kristen is a B2B technology and telecom writer and content strategist. She specializes in articles, white papers, case studies, and proposals. And she has a special interest in helping women and women-owned businesses. She can be reached at Kristen Stelzer Content & Copywriting.

In case you missed it: 

Preparing for 2021--The Year of Strength, Learnings, and Moving On!

Webinar Recap by Lynn Whitcher

On November 12, 2020, WWLF had the pleasure of hosting the webinar Preparing for 2021 – The Year of Strength, Learnings, and Moving On!presented by Barb Teicher. 

Let’s be honest – 2020 was a tough year. There are things we learned and new habits we acquired. There are also plenty of things we have left undone. And that’s okay. It’s important that we remember to be kind to ourselves.

Barb challenged the WWLF members to take the learnings or insights of this year and use them to push ahead in the new year. 

We can do this by asking:

    1. What are three things that surprised you about yourself in 2020?
    2. What did you handle better than you thought you could/would?
    3. What would you do differently if you could?
    4. What are the two biggest takeaways for you from this year?

    With this insight, answer the following:

      1. Looking at the year's takeaways, how will you incorporate them in 2021?
      2. What do you take less for granted? How will you keep going?
      3. What is your number one career goal for 2021? Personal goal?
      4. What will you do to make these three things happen?

      As for me, I learned in 2020 to take things a little slower. This has been the first year that I didn’t have a commute or calendar filled with meetings and social obligations. With this free time, I was able to accomplish new and different things, but I was also surprised how many things I held myself back from accomplishing. There is still work to be done there.

      When the world returns to normal, I will cherish the small, daily interaction with friends and co-workers. What I wouldn’t give to run into someone in the hallway and strike up an impromptu conversation!

      I’ll be moving to Dallas in 2021, so my career and personal goals will center around getting acclimated to my new environment. I may be leaning on my WWLF friends to help me get settled, so if you are in the DFW area, don’t be surprised to hear from me!

      No matter how you fared in 2020, I hope you are able to find the strength and learning to move on in 2021!

      I’m pretty hopeful about the new year and I hope you are too!

      Vote for your 2021/2022
      Executive Leadership Team

      Candidate applications for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer have been received by the WWLF Nominating Committee. 

      Candidate for President of WWLF:

      Amanda Cahill 

      Introduction, biography, & previous WWLF experience

      Based in Dallas, Texas, I currently serve as the National Director, Business Development at SQUAN, where my primary responsibility is to lead business development initiatives, collaborate with multiple departments on proposal delivery and execution, pursue new and manage existing client relationships, as well as assist in marketing activities to better showcase SQUAN’s service offerings across several different media.

      Prior to joining SQUAN, I held the position of Business Development Manager at Flash Technology, where I was responsible for prospecting potential customers, managing client relations, contract negotiations, defining long-term organizational goals and establishing sales account strategies for wireless telecommunication carriers, wind energy companies, utility and oil & gas providers, and communication tower owners. I’ve also held roles as a Sales Executive for Smartlink and Marketing & Sales for VERTICOM.

      I hold a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from the University of Central Florida.

      I have been a member of WWLF since 2014, served as Co-Director of Member in 2015 and have been the Executive Director of Ways & Means since 2016. I am also actively involved in several state wireless associations nationwide, as well as an active member in NATE.

      How has your career and experience with WWLF prepared you for a position on the Board of Directors?

      My involvement as the Executive Director of Ways & Means with WWLF for the past four years has positioned me well to step into the role as WWLF President. Not only have I been working with the leadership team to help drive WWLF’s initiatives since 2014, I’ve also been an Executive Director and Co-Director through three different Board of Director terms, which has been an invaluable experience. If elected as President, I will be able to lean on the guidance and knowledge gained through my tenure with WWLF and my commitment to create an environment where all women feel empowered, supported and are given opportunities for growth, leadership and mentorship. Fostering these opportunities is something that resonates in both my professional and personal life and I look forward to collaborating with the Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors to further drive WWLF’s mission.

      Major Issues / Initiatives to address during your term

      The major issues or initiatives you would like to address during your WWLF executive board tenure.

      1.     Expanding the mentoring program.

      The power of mentorship is undeniable. I’ve seen firsthand the role mentorship has played in my own career success. The current WWLF Mentorship Program has been gaining traction over the past several years and I see opportunity to expand on the current program to be more inclusive of the full membership base we serve. I would like to create a two-tiered mentorship program that includes a mentorship class for those in the industry with less than five years’ experience and a second class for those who have been in the industry for six or more years. The goal would be to serve both entry-level women in the industry, as well as those women who might have experience greater than the five year mark but are still looking for support to streamline their professional pursuits, receive guidance through specialized education and obtain advice in achieving goals in career advancement.
      In addition to the two-tiered mentoring levels, the mentorship program could broaden to include an apprenticeship program as well. The apprenticeship program would allow a women newer to or looking to transition within the industry to learn a skill or trade from a tenured individual also within the industry.

      2.     Increase membership and renewals.

      WWLF has been successful at growing the membership base, but there is still room for improvement both in creating more opportunities to drive membership and retaining members past the initial term expiration. One way to increase membership overall is to create an outreach program in which we actively connect with lapsed members to discuss the benefits of WWLF membership, ways to get more involved and options for rejoining. Additionally, we should consider moving to a tiered membership plan: 1-year, 2-year and 3-year plans that are discounted appropriately based on term selected. Most conversations I’ve had with lapsed members is that they simple forget to renew and depending on the time of year it can be difficult for them to receive budget approval for the membership renewal. Allowing different membership terms will give members more flexibility in receiving approval every couple of years instead of annually.

      Other Ideas, Aims & Goals for WWLF

      As the Executive Director for Ways & Means, I would be remiss if I didn’t include an initiative to engage sponsors at a higher level past the standard benefits of sponsorship. I’d like to see sponsors get more involved in webinars, panel discussions, Impact events, and the like. We’ve started to do a better job at this recently, but I feel as though we’ve only tapped the surface. We should leverage the partnership we have with sponsors to further grow engagement and expand our network.

      Role of the Board – Please share your thoughts

      The Executive Leadership Team, Executive Directors, Regional Directors, and National Directors all play a pivotal role in the growth and sustainability of WWLF as an organization. The Board as a collective should be able to link arms towards a common outcome once a goal is established. Together we can be a force to further drive our mission throughout the industry. Through commitment, collaboration, leadership and communication we can achieve anything.

      What other attributes or qualifications you possess that will contribute to governing WWLF?  Outside of work, what are your hobbies or interests?

      Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, reading, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends. Any given weekend you can find me exploring different parts of the country or curled up on the couch was a good book. I also love taking long walks (beach not required, although welcomed) and spoiling loved ones with surprise cards or gifts. Nothing creates more joy than to bring happiness to someone with an unexpected gesture.

      Active involvement in women’s empowerment groups is also very important to me. I currently sit on the Advisory Board for Bold Women Society, serve on the Mentors & Allies Committee for WiNGS Dallas, and have held many other positions over the past several decades. Volunteering and serving the community has instilled a sense of pride and has helped to develop the leadership skills instrumental in shaping the woman I am today. Growth, self-improvement and inspiring others has become my way of life. In doing so, I’ve been extremely fortunate to gain a network of women that support similar initiatives and have goals to create massive impact.

      In parting, I will say all the experience, guidance and mentorship I’ve received thus far has positioned me well to step into the role as President of WWLF. I look forward to partnering with the rest of the Board and Executive Leadership team to continue the WWLF vision of keeping women connected.

      To review all candidates and cast your vote, visit the WWLF website:

      See All Candidates Here

      You must be an active member in order to nominate and to cast your vote!

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