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I often get asked, what are the secrets to success? Whether you are climbing the corporate staircase or forging your path as an entrepreneur, one strategy stands head and shoulders above the rest – mentorship.

Mentorship can take many forms. It can be an informal connection with unstructured conversations or a formal relationship with set meetings each month. 

Mentorship is not just for your career. I have mentors for each area of my life – spiritual, health, fitness, business, motherhood, marriage, and personal growth. These are people who have experienced the success I want to achieve. They ask me the hard questions, hold me accountable, and help me uncover the answers that only I can find. They reveal opportunities, help me build my network, and become my champion when I need a foot in the door.  

We know the benefits of mentorship, yet the reality is that only 63% of women have had a formal mentor. Why? We simply don’t ask. 

Take out a piece of paper and write all the areas of life that are important to you. Then write one name for each category of someone you respect and want to learn from. 

You know what comes next. Take action!

Reach out ask for a sliver of their time. People are eager to help and you will most likely get a yes. Have a few questions prepared or be prepared to ask for a formal mentorship where you will take the lead. 

WWLF has 2 programs launching this month – Fellowship and Mentorship.  You will find the details of each program in this newsletter. I encourage you to sign up and take advantage of these amazing opportunities. 

Everything you want in life and your career can be achieved through relationships. Build authentic connections and nurture those relationships consistently. 

Claim your power and ask for what you want. You will soon be soaring high and crushing your goals! 

To your Success,

Carrie Charles

CEO Broadstaff

WWLF Director Industry Relations

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Take Time to Focus on Mental Health in May

Written by Kristin Beckman

Headshot of Kristin Beckman

Take Time to Focus on Mental Health in May

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and this year, the focus on mental health is especially poignant. During the month of May, the National Alliance on Mental Illness works to fight stigmas surrounding mental health and is emphasizing the message: You are Not Alone.

While the world has been dealing with the global COVID-19 pandemic during the past year, many people have also been struggling with a related health crisis that has been dubbed “The Silent Pandemic.” The physical consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic have spurred the world into action trying to prevent the spread of the virus and treat those who contract it. However, efforts like social distancing and remote work, while great for keeping people physically healthy, often have the unintended consequence of making people feel isolated, which can negatively impact mental health and wellness.

Read the full article.

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WWLF Spotlight: Sara Muehlberger

Sara Muehlberger is the WWLF City Rep based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has held this position since January 2019.

Headshot of Sara Muehlberger

What has been the best experience you’ve had with WWLF?

The best experience I’ve had (so far) with WWLF was the time we joined forces with the Georgia Wireless Association for a day of volunteering at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Within the 4 short hours we worked together, we ended up sorting and packing over 9,400 pounds of food that would provide over 6,700 meals to people in need – right here in our community. How awesome is that?

What are your top 3 leadership lessons or advice?

If I were to give 3 leadership tips of advice, they would be: 1. Train and mentor the up-and-coming professionals; it’s important to understand you cannot do it all and it’s good to delegate. 2. Step outside of your comfort zone and say yes to tasks that scare you! This is how we grow as professionals. 3. Take your PTO. It’s important to work hard and be dedicated, but it’s equally important to take care of yourself and enjoy downtime.

Learn more about Sara Muehlberger in the May WWLF Spotlight.

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Terri Tidwell on Company Loyalty to Employees, the Worsening Talent Shortage, and How the Two May Solve Each Other

Headshot of Terri Tidwell

“A CFO goes to their CEO and asks, 'What if we train our employees and they leave?' The CEO responds, 'What if we don’t and they stay?'"

About Terri Tidwell:

Terri Tidwell is a Director of Project Controls for SQUAN’s engineering division. Having grown up with both parents working in the telecom industry, Terri got her foot in the industry’s door as a manual drafter. From there, her path to project management excellence was paved by demonstrating a high degree of competitiveness, developing empathy through hands-on experience for her crews, and gaining the loyalty of her techs in the field by training and developing their skillsets.

Tell me, how did you get to where you are?

My parents were already working in the telecom space, and I first got started as a manual drafter. My stepmom, who worked for Southern Bell at the time, went to a contractor and said, “Can you please give my daughter a job?” Back then, everyone got a job in the telecom industry based on who they knew. There wouldn’t be a telecom industry without nepotism in the early days. But I worked twice as hard just to prove myself.

From there, it was fairly organic. This was before PMP certifications or anything like that, but by the time I was officially a Project Manager, I could already talk to clients knowledgeably about the work and drive other folks to get their work done. And I think a lot of what project management is is really just common sense and that desire to be a bit more organized. For me, disorganization just drives me nuts. So, I’d step into situations that need help and clean them up.

Read the full article by Terri Tidwell.

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Upcoming Events

Virtual Happy Hour!

Networking Happy Hour!

May 5, 2021

6:00PM – 7:00PM EST

Zoom link to be sent before the event

WWLF Members Only

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Who in the May!

 Chicago is proud to put together a dialogue with the following Board Members of WWLF:

This event will be moderated by Debra Mercier, current Co-Executive Director of Programs.

May 20, 2021

5:00 PM CST

Zoom link to be sent before the event

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Monthly Networking Event:

Motivation and Mugs

(1st Monday of every month)

Our next event is Monday, June 2, 2021, from 10-10:45 am EST

Let’s come together and connect while enjoying our morning ritual of coffee, tea, lemon water, or whatever you like to start your day.  

During Motivation and Mugs, each attendee will have one minute to introduce themselves and talk about what they are looking for/needing during these times (job opportunities, connections, friendly support, etc.).   

Registration closes the Friday before the event. You'll receive a zoom link before the event.

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Save the Date!

WWLF Webinar:

Practical Considerations for Diversity Certification

 June 3, 2021

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Quarterly Event: Book Read!

This event will be an open discussion with an opportunity for everyone to share comments, questions, and insights!

We will be reading and discussing "How Women Rise: Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back from Your Next Raise, Promotion, or Job" by Marshall Goldsmith and Sally Helgesen

June 9, 2021

6:30PM - 8:00PM EST

Zoom link to be sent before the event

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Registration closes on June 8th

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Save the Date!

WWLF Educational Webinar Featuring Barb Teicher

June 10, 2021

12:00 CST

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WWLF is proud to be a BRONZE Sponsor of the 2021 South Wireless Summit

The 9th Annual South Wireless Summit will host the wireless infrastructure industry’s largest gathering of thought leaders and technology experts focused on expanding next-generation communications throughout the southern region of the United States, providing a platform for industry members to discuss key issues and focus a joint mission in support of the development of wireless networks on a state and regional level.

Join over 500 infrastructure providers, wireless carriers, and service firms June 27th to 30th, 2021 in Nashville, TN at the Music City Sheraton.

South Wireless Summit attendees will have the opportunity to choose from several timely and topical keynote presentations, panel discussions, and training sessions covering a broad range of topics related to the wireless infrastructure industry.  

The exhibit hall will feature several companies on hand to share their innovative services and business solutions. Other event highlights include the Annual Drake Lighting Clay Shoot and the 1st Annual GPD Group Top Golf Tournament.

Register Here

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