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The Women's Wireless Leadership Forum (WWLF) is a volunteer association for professional women in the wireless communications industry. Through WWLF's events, members share their expertise, broaden their contacts, and advance their career opportunities. WWLF celebrates the experience of the many successful women in the communications industry.

Announcing our 2019 WWLF Fellowship Award Winner

The Women's Wireless Leadership Forum is proud to announce Shamrose Ali as the 2019 Fellowship Award winner. Shamrose will be mentored by her Fellowship Mentor, Beth Martindale, during the Fellowship term.

Shamrose Ali


Congratulations to Shamrose!

Read more about Shamrose Ali and Beth Martindale

Happy New Year...2019 IS YOUR YEAR TO SHINE!

Women's Wireless Leadership Forum wishes our members and sponsors a very Happy New Year. To help celebrate the New Year, we are declaring 2019 the year our members shine and to celebrate, we are offering a new benefit. We are launching our recognition program to honor top women in our industry.

Women's Wireless Leadership Forum take great pride in introducing.....WWLF’s Woman of the Year Award

The Woman of the Year Award will be bestowed upon a woman who has had great achievements, made increasingly significant contributions throughout her career to her company and the overall wireless industry. She has been in the Wireless industry 10 or more years. She is a true leader, broken through that proverbial glass ceiling and shows great resolve to help others along their path. This woman is leading the way for the next generation of women.

As part of this WWLF Recognition program, we will recognize and honor those women who through their significant contributions and achievements, overall impact and outstanding character, serve as role models for career women. These women demonstrate a commitment and passion that advances the promotion of women in our industry.


  • Serves as a role model and mentor to colleagues and others;
  • Leads authentically with unwavering passion and commitment to her values and fearlessly with a sense of purpose and vision.
  • Exhibits a high level of knowledge, skill and professionalism regarding facets of the wireless industry;
  • Exhibits continued investment in her own professional, technical and personal growth;
  • Demonstrates impactful accomplishments and overcome adversity
  • Contributes significantly to the transformation of her organization through creativity or innovation;
  • Serves as a catalyst to help advance others at her organization; 
  • Exhibits commitment to the industry’s professional activities through community activity, professional society involvement, company volunteer groups, etc.;
  • Encourages and invests in mentoring others in the wireless industry;
  • Demonstrates a proven track record of success in contributing to her company and the wireless industry;
  • Holds a current membership in WWLF.

Nominations for WWLF’s Woman of the Year Award will be open to all active members of WWLF later this year.

WWLF is proud to introduce IMPACT…

Our mission at Women's Wireless Leadership Forum is to provide networking opportunities, educational enhancement and career development for all women in the wireless industry. To serve our membership and ensure that members receive considerable value for annual subscriptions, we have decided to offer a NEW BENEFIT…IMPACT

IMPACT is a Women Wireless Leadership Forum’s Discussion Group

The purpose of this group is to facilitate a meeting of the minds and foster discussion to support, empower and enrich the lives of our members.

Let’s…Meet New People

Let’s…Learn Something New

Let’s…Share Ideas

Let’s…Encourage Each Other

Let’s…Have Fun


Register for IMPACT

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Interested in Training?

TEC, The Telecommunications Education Center, provides courses designed to improve career development opportunities and on-the-job proficiencies for members of the telecommunications workforce. Visit for TEC Upcoming Courses.

The Women's Wireless Leadership Forum wins the Award for Organization with the Biggest Impact.


On Thursday November 30, 2017, the Women's Wireless Leadership Forum (“WWLF”) won the Award for “Organization with the Biggest Impact” at The California Wireless Association (“CALWA”) Holiday Gala & Awards Ceremony.

First, we would like to congratulate CALWA on celebrating their 10th Anniversary. We are grateful to them as a State Wireless Association as they continue to raise awareness of the benefits of the wireless industry and their promotion of it. They have been hugely instrumental in bringing a unified voice to the wireless industry.

Second, WWLF is extremely honored to receive such an important award as we work toward supporting women in this industry and keeping them connected. Thank you for selecting WWLF among all the other well-deserving organizations.

Our members deserve to have a competitive edge on this ever-evolving wireless stage so with your help, WWLF is committed: Firstly, to the Enrichment of women through training and professional development opportunities. Secondly, to the Advancement of women across all disciplines by recognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning our Members at the forefront of the wireless world!

Thank you to our Members, Sponsors and dedicated Volunteers for helping us to fulfill our mission and thank you again to CALWA for recognizing our achievements. 


We are seeking speakers for our upcoming regional and national events. Our forums and speaker engagements will focus on topics that are dynamic, inspirational, and visionary to facilitate the sharing of best practices, to allow educational enhancement and career development for all women in the wireless industry.

Please complete our speaker application today: WWLF Speaker Application.docx

Meet WWLF's Newest Executive Directors!

Carrie Charles, Executive Director of Industry Relations

Beth Martindale, Executive Director of Brand Management

Lynn Whitcher & Kelsey Trundle, Executive Directors of Education

Beth Usher & Julie Anderson, Executive Directors of Membership

Laura Lora, Executive Director of Events

Victoria Weidenthaler & Kayla Gardner, Executive Directors of Programs

Amanda Cahill, Executive Director of Ways and Means

Events Team Update

At WWLF, we understand the need and appreciate the importance of in-market events and networking opportunities to our members. To that end, we have appointed Laura Lora as our Executive Director of Events and we have re-structured into four (4) regions nationwide: Central, West, Southeast, and Northeast.  Along with Laura, we have engaged a strong Events Leadership team. Each region will be led by a Regional Director as follows:

Central Region: Leslie Freeman

West Region: Stella Bezabeh

Southeast Region: Deborah Battaglia

Northeast Region: Ashley DeCabia

Thanks to our Wonderful Volunteers!

There are a lot more of you are not in the photo but nevertheless our WWLF Leadership thanks you!

Thank you all so much for your incredible dedication of time and effort to make our 2017 Reception at WIS, our photo booth and booth at the Exhibit Hall such a huge success. A million thanks to each and every one of you!

Upcoming events

We Want to Hear From You

We truly appreciate the continued support from our members. Do you have a questions, feedback, ideas or recommendations that you’d like to share with us? We’d like to hear from you.

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WWLF Welcomes ALL Members!

WWLF is committed to creating an inclusive environment where diverse voices are welcome in all aspects of our organization. WWLF values the knowledge and perspectives that our members bring to our organization from their diverse backgrounds. While all members are welcome to participate in both regional and national events, WWLF remains committed to the design and delivery of content to support the development of women in the wireless communications industry.

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