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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the relationship between WWLF and WIA (the Wireless Infrastructure Association)?

A: WWLF is a vibrant membership section of the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA).  WIA is a world-renowned trade association that represents the businesses that develop, build, own and operate wireless infrastructure.  Through public affairs and advocacy efforts at all levels of government, WIA works to support the widespread deployment of wireless infrastructure in order to enable wireless broadband everywhere.   WIA supports the initiatives and vision of WWLF.

Q2: When will an event happen in my area?

A: Members receive event announcements weekly, and upcoming events are listed on our website.  Notification emails related to events are shown with a GOLD banner.

Q3: Can men attend the events?

A: WWLF welcomes all genders to join as members.   Our national events at Connect (X) and MWCA are open to all genders.   Regional events coordinated in conjunction with the State Wireless Associations are open to all  genders.  Regional Impact meetings are open to women only UNLESS designated in the event description.

Q4: Outside of national events, what benefits do members receive?

A:  Members receive: access to quarterly IMPACT and regional meetings; access to professional learning content, such as our educational portal, Lunch-and-learn events/webinars, and regional speaking engagements; complimentary professional headshots at Connect (X), when available ($175 value); and entry to other regional networking events, including group volunteer opportunities with local charities.

Q5: Are your events open to members only?

A:  Most events are open to both members and non-members. When non-members register for the event, an additional event fee is typically applied.

Q: How do I know when my membership expires? Is there a membership certificate or card?

A:  Once a member profile is created, click on your member name in the top right portion of the WWLF website.  Your profile, membership card, and membership expiration are listed on this page.

We Want to Hear From You

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