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Mentor / Mentee Pair: Lauren Goff and Bailey Lively

20 Jan 2024 5:30 PM | Anonymous

Lauren Goff, Environmental Service Group Leader at Ramaker and Bailey Lively, PE, Civil Engineer & Project Manager, Kimley-Horn

Bailey: I had a great experience in the mentorship program this year. Overall, I really enjoyed the format where the larger group of participants got together virtually each month to learn about a different professional development topic. These topics included vision board creation, book reviews on “Leadership and Life Hacks”, tips for gaining and maintaining financial independence, lessons in personal and professional branding, networking strategies, avoiding burnout, and identifying / exploring our DISC personality test results. This wide variety kept the program engaging and encouraged people to speak up. Each mentor pairing had the opportunity to practice presentation skills in a comfortable, supportive environment which facilitated amazing discussions amongst participants as well.

My specific pairing with Lauren Goff, Environmental Service Group Leader at Ramaker, provided me another meaningful relationship with a like-minded woman across the country. Forming these relationships is my favorite take away from WWLF as a whole and the mentorship program provides the arena to form closer bonds with the women involved. I met Lauren at the Southeast Wireless Summit while volunteering at the WWLF booth about a month before we learned we would be paired together. Her warm welcome and PMA (positive mental attitude) are contagious from the moment you meet her. The fact that we both have a technical background in commercial real estate projects both in and outside of telecom sparked great conversations. However, Lauren mostly taught me the power of confidence and investing in oneself. Her anecdotes and advice translated well to where I am in my own leadership journey as a female engineer. Through our conversations and book reviews, we discussed the power of human connection and making people feel valued as human beings.

Lauren: Participating in the Mentorship Program was a wonderful experience, and I was grateful for the opportunity to connect with and learn alongside Bailey. Her future is incredibly bright! I look forward to staying in contact and continuing a lasting relationship. Bailey’s feedback not only warms my heart personally, but gives an excellent summary of the program. 

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