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Executive Leaders: 2023-2024

Lynn Whitcher


Lynn Whitcher currently serves as President of WWLF. Lynn is dedicated to supporting the next generation of leaders in the wireless and digital infrastructure industry, narrowing the digital divide, and ensuring fair access to broadband. She has served on the Board of Directors of WWLF since 2009, including as Executive Director of Brand Management, Co-Executive Director of Education, and Secretary.

Lynn also serves as General Counsel of MD7, an infrastructure consultancy headquartered in Allen, Texas and Dublin, Ireland, serving 26 countries and 6 continents.

Lynn is an adventure seeker at heart. She loves traveling to new places and experiencing the people, food, culture, history, and geography. In her spare time, you can find her taking on a new challenge (amateur carpentry, fishing) or exploring some of the local towns in her new home of North Texas.

To contact Lynn, email her at

Carolyn Hardwick

Vice President

Carolyn Hardwick currently serves as Vice President for WWLF. A member of WWLF since 2003, she has served on the executive leadership team for over a decade and in roles as Director of Ways and Means, Vice President, President, and Co-Director of Events.

Carolyn's extensive career in telecommunications began in 2000, and she has held various positions in Site Development, Business Development, Engineering, and Operations. A graduate of Clemson University, she is employed as the President of Stratis, Inc. and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. In her spare time, Carolyn enjoys traveling, church activities, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.

To contact Carolyn, email her at

Michelle Salisbury


Michelle Salisbury is a Sr. Paralegal at Crown Castle at its offices located in the Chandler, AZ. She has been in the wireless industry since 2005 when she joined Crown Castle. Michelle is currently serving as Treasurer for WWLF and has held the offices of Executive Director of Education, Secretary and numerous terms as Treasurer.

Michelle’s hobbies include ballroom dance, hiking, motorcycle riding (as a passenger) and traveling. She looks forward to exploring all of the interesting activities that her new home in AZ provides.

To contact Michelle, email her at

Ashli Fuselier


Ashli Fuselier currently serves as Secretary for WWLF on her 3rd active term. She is active in the telecommunications industry as she also serves as President of TXWA, on her first term. Pushing the industry forward with inclusivity is important to Ashli, and she uses her platforms at WWLF, TXWA and her role at SMW Engineering to create change where she can. Education, philanthropy, and mentoring are close to her heart and often tries to tie all three in her daily tasks in some small or big way.

Ashli spends her free time exploring Houston for the food options, sporting events, and other interesting activities the city offers. She also enjoys reading, gardening, and traveling to new places.

To contact Ashli, email her at

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