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2022 Fellowship Award Recipient

Announcing our 2022 WWLF Fellowship Award Winner

The Women's Wireless Leadership Forum is proud to announce Taylor Sierra (Weltmeyer) as the 2022 Fellowship Award winner. Taylor will be mentored by Debra Mercier during the Fellowship term.

Taylor Sierra (Weltmeyer)

2022 Fellowship Award Recipient

Company:  ExteNet Systems LLC

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Taylor Sierra, formally Weltmeyer, graduated from Indiana University, Northwest campus with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. At the university she was part of the National Society of Leadership and held the Treasurer position for 2 years.

Right out of college she moved to Florida and worked as a nanny for a high-profile family, enjoying the fast pace and change that constantly occurred. From there she opened her own business and started teaching but knew she wanted more. She started working for the high-profile family once again and was asked to move to Illinois to start working on a startup company within the Telecommunication industry. She loved it! She started off on the ground floor and wearing many different hats. Once she found out the company would be sold, she started looking for another opportunity and that’s where she found ExteNet Systems LLC. Starting off as a Project Coordinator and jumping around in many different roles she has now found herself as a Project Manager covering Outdoor projects in the Central and East parts of the country.

Her goal as the 2022 WWLF Fellowship recipient is to launch herself to that next level of success! She loves learning and growing within the industry and wants to continue to network and challenge herself throughout this next year.

In January 2022, she married her husband. They love to travel and together they have two dogs: Ari and Chance. They also own their own business together that is centered around her husbands love for cars.  

She is excited to continue being a part of WWLF.

Debra Mercier

2022 Fellowship Mentor

Company: Comcast Business

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Debra Mercier: Enterprise Sales of Comcast Business, one of the largest contributors to the growth of Comcast Cable.

Debra has over 20 years of Business Development and Leadership experience under her belt. Her passion for the industry is incomparable as is her unrelenting support for her numerous clients. Her skillful ability to evolve and advance business strategies consistently lead to company growth and long-term customer satisfaction, as well as cultivating continuously positive relationships.

She is a long-time contributor to WWLF, holding roles as the Vice President of the board of the Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum, and currently supporting the Programs Committee as the Executive Director of Programs.

Debra Mercier is an Enthusiastic Sales Leader in the Telecom Industry, with decades of experience leading companies and delivering connectivity solutions. Not only has Debra been a successful sales leader for the last 20 years, but she has also gone above and beyond all expectations; her own, and those of her peers. She has directed sales and cultivated consistent revenue for her own businesses and those of her clients. In 2012, she was awarded for her work with a major healthcare insurance company by supporting them to a growth of $34m in revenue. In 2018, Debra increased the revenue at an average of 25% for all of her clients. Her current achievements include a staggering 307% of goal achieved with her first 9 months of employment.

Debra credits her success to developing strong long-term relationships with her clients, industry leaders, and all the amazing mentors that guided her and assisted in her growth throughout her career. Debra is a staunch advocate for Women’s rights in the workplace and continues to pay it forward and support the hard working women in wireless by sharing her story and supporting the future growth of professionals in the wireless industry.

Debra’s story is the story of hard work, of persistence and drive. It is the story of perseverance through insurmountable odds. It is the story of struggle and victory. Ultimately, Debra’s story is the story of success.

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